Monday, October 5, 2009

University of Alabama Residency, Crimson Tide Meets Golden Flute

Photo by Sarah M. Barry
9am Choreography Workshop with Professor Sarah Barry's students.  She emphasizes the qualities of live music that inspire movement and express emotion--rhythm, phrasing, dynamics.  She asks a question of her dance students that Maxim often asks of flute students, "What idea will you give the audience?"

12 o'clock David Duff of Alabama Public Radio interviews Maxim on air. 
Maxim:  "It's GREAT to be in Ah-lah-bah-mah!"

Photo by Pamela Gordon
1pm rehearsal with accompanist Pamela Penick. 
Maxim, "We are a TEAM."

2pm to 4pm
Flute Studio of Professor Diane Boyd Schultz poses with Maxim Rubtsov following his master class.  Maxim tells the students, "You need a good sound and mastery of all skills, but performance is 90% attitude, feeling, passion."

Photo by Sarah M. Barry
6pm to 8pm Rehearsal with dancers Sharra Coley and Laramie Tyson in Yun's Etude for Flute
Choreographer Rita Snyder, "Maxim has an excellent natural sense of what to do with dancers."

Photo by Sarah M. Barry
Maxim with Bryant Henderson in Debussy's Syrinx.

Photo by Sarah M. Barry
Did you do all that in one day?!
Maxim:  "Plus I ate Dreamland BBQ and went out to a piano bar."


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