Friday, October 2, 2009

FAQ Maxim Rubtsov

Photo:  Tema Bryansk

Why do you take a wide stance when playing the flute?

Maxim:  For better breathing and balance.  During a long performance your body, chest and throat must be open.  You become like a breathing machine.  For me this is a natural way to stand.

Why don't you stand in the well of the piano, as most soloists do?

Maxim:  This has to do with sound and what I hear.  When I stand by the piano strings, especially if the lid is open, I hear too much of the piano sound and not enough of my flute sound.  Also when I turn toward my accompanist, my flute sound goes to the back of the stage.  If I stand on the other side, my sound goes out to the audience.  I can hear my sound and the piano better--and get a better balance.  Then I feel more as if I am playing as an ensemble with the pianist, not as a soloist.  We have a closer connection, and actually on most pianos the music stand has a reflective surface and the accompanist can see me, as if in a mirror.

How does dance training affect your music?

Maxim:  Well, I guess I feel the music with my whole body and I'm not afraid to move.  Mainly, I just understand how much dancers want to perform on stage with live music, and I like to be there with them--dancing a little bit with my flute and my feet.

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