Tuesday, September 29, 2009

University of Michigan Concert Supported by a Grant from the Brannen-Cooper Fund

Maxim Rubtsov, Flute, with Zhihua Tang, Piano, playing Yuri Dolzhikov's Romance (Nostalgia)

Maxim Rubtsov plays a golden Brannen-Cooper Flute with silver keys,  made by Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Maxim's devotion to his handmade American flute extends to the entire flute section of the Russian National Orchestra.  As principal flute and leader of his section, Maxim feels Brannen-Cooper instruments give the best, uniform quality of sound.

Maxim's University of Michigan residency and recital are supported by a grant from the Brannen-Cooper Fund and the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance. A number of friends of the Russian National Orchestra made special donations to enable Maxim to travel to Michigan and perform concerts two cities.   Maxim wishes to thank the Brannen-Cooper Fund, Professor Amy Porter and all donors who made the his Michigan concerts possible!

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