Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sharon's Festival Diary...Mozart, Gliere, Scriabin, featuring Michael Collins and soloists of the RNO

Maxim Rubtsov signs the program of a Tokyo fan. 
Photo by Sharon Wing.
Tonight's RNO Festival concert lifted the audience to the ceiling of the Bolshoi’s New Stage Theatre! Principal Flute Maxim Rubtsov and Principal Harp Svetlana Paramonova opened the concert with Mozart’s Concerto for Flute and Harp K.299.  In a festive mood Max danced with his flute, leaning towards Pletnev then towards Svetlana as the musicians’ conversation grew more joyous.  The RNO really soared.  Pletnev couldn't have been more gracious to his soloists.  RNO wind musicians were featured next in Mozart's Gran Partita K.361 under clarinetist Michael Collins, one of the distinguished guest artists in the Festival line-up.  Splendid Serenade! The evening’s second half opened with our Alexey Serov amazing everyone in Reinhold Gliere’s Concerto for Horn and Orchestra.  Among horn players this piece is a well-known masterpiece. Alexey took up the challenge with apparent pleasure.  The finale was Scriabin's Poem of Ecstasy, featuring RNO principal trumpet Vladislav Lavrik.  The audience stood in admiration.  Each soloist had shown true mastery.  The RNO had infused the hall, not known for its orchestral acoustics, with such power. Afterwards, Max jumped from the stage to meet with audience members gathering at the stage! Photographs will follow in the nearest future. How I love being here!

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