Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicago, "The Whole Percussion Section of an Orchestra" GRRT FUN

We enter Illinois on the Indiana Skyway.  It is windy, of course, and we lean out to see the Chicago skyline as it comes into focus.  [Our photos of Chicago were mistakenly deleted from the camera, and not even the best professional shots can match our memory of what we saw.  You can find endless views of this photogenic and welcoming city by Googling Chicago Photos.]  It is the day before the International Olympic Committee decides which city will be the site of the 2016 Summer Games.  Chicago is aglow in orange-colored flags and boosterism.  Why orange, we wonder?

Maxim calls Lake Shore Drive during rush hour "the whole percussion section of an orchestra"--waves crash on one side, Buckingham Fountain erupts on the other side, eight lanes of snaking traffic, a four-masted sailing ship plies Lake Michigan in the distance and beyond a freighter heads east.  The air is bright with sound, and we are happy to be here.  It's GRRT FUN!

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