Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maxim Rubtsov Begins US Concert Tour, Arrives in Washington, DC under a "Brahms Sky"

I first met Maxim in 2001 during an RNO tour in California. At Villa Montalvo there was a day-long chamber music presentation in which Max performed Debussy’s Syrinx and a Jolivet trio for flute, harp and bassoon with his orchestra colleagues.  Maxim's personality shines in his music.  It is warm and communicative.  He wants you to love him, and you will.  Visit the RNO web site for details of Maxim's concert tour.

Blood on the ground...troubleshooting begins with Band-aids, but thankfully no visit to the hospital emergency room.  Moments after his arrival at Dulles Airport, Maxim cut his finger on a luggage cart.  He felt that by annointing American soil with his blood, he would have successful, even heroic performances.  I reminded him that a flutist needs 10 good fingers and before heroism comes practice.

At the Washington Monument, Maxim jumps out of the car and asks a tourist to take this photo.  It is a beautiful day.  Maxim calls it a Brahms sky--high and clear with deep, endless blue.

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